Why Does My Hair Frizz After a Hot Comb Treatment & What Should I Use on Black Hair?

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Using a hot comb to straighten hair can leave hair silky smooth, but also frizzy, dry and prone to breakage. Being proactive to prevent frizzy hair before and after using a hot comb will allow your hair to be straighter for longer periods of time, while enhancing shine and promoting strength.

Prep Your Hair Before Pressing

Preparing the hair will be the first step in preventing frizz. Deep condition or apply a hot oil treatment to the hair, lightly dry your hair with a blow dryer on a low setting and use your fingers instead of a comb or brush. Apply a light hair dressing to protect the hair, like coconut oil. Ensure hair is completely dry, as moisture present when pressing can burn hair, leading to frizz. If you have split ends, get them trimmed, as those ends lead to frizzy flyaways that are hard to manage. Also, do not use hot combs on relaxed hair. The chemicals mixed with the high level of heat can lead to excess breakage and eventual hair loss.

Use the Right Type of Hot Comb and Press Hair Properly

Conventional hot combs are heated on the stove top or in a small oven that is exclusively for that purpose. Newer, electrical hot combs are good for touching up previously pressed hair, but not for attaining that sleek, straight look. Wider teeth are good for getting through coarse, hard-to-straighten hair. Press small portions of your hair at a time, keeping them separate from the rest of the hair with clips. This will prevent you from applying excess heat, which can lead to frizz.

Don't Make the Hot Comb too Hot

Burning your hair can lead to dry, straw-like hair that is extremely damaged. Rest the hot comb on a low to medium flame for less than a minute to get it hot, then test it on a thick paper towel. If the towel singes, the comb is too hot and will burn your hair. Also, add some hair grease or oil to the paper towel to lightly moisturize the comb before testing the comb and applying it to your hair. This will help prevent stripping further moisture as you pull the comb through your hair and seal in the straight look with shine.

Keep Your Hair Straight for Longer

Using heat regularly on your hair can dry it out and lead to damage, including split ends. Keep your hair straight by wrapping it and sleeping with a silk or satin scarf at nights. Keep the scarf on when bathing or showering to prevent moisture from seeping in and messing up your sleek locks. When necessary, touch up the roots using an electric hot comb for that perfectly polished straight look.