How to Grow Fine Relaxed Hair

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Fine relaxed hair requires special attention. When the hair is relaxed, it is chemically altered from a curly to a straight texture. The hair must be conditioned on a regular basis to keep the hair flexible and moist. Breakage occurs when the hair and scalp becomes dry and brittle. When hair grows in underneath the relaxer it's called, "new growth." The normal application for a touch-up is six to eight weeks. Fine hair can go longer between touch-ups and will grow when properly cared for. A licensed professional can help you achieve the hair growth that you desire.

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Use relaxers that are made for fine textured hair. Mild relaxers have lower levels of the straightening chemical and don't require you to leave the product on your hair as long. Incorrect application of the relaxer will effect hair growth. Leaving the relaxer on the hair longer than the time recommended or using a regular shampoo and not the recommended neutralizing shampoo will burn the scalp. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, "any relaxer can burn your scalp if you used it the wrong way."

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Avoid reapplying touch up applications sooner than 6 weeks. Doing so will damage the hair and may result in hair loss or permanent hair damage. When this occurs, the damaged hair must be cut off. Allowing healthy hair to take its place will help hair to grow stronger and longer. Trim your edges every time you get a touch-up.

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Use a wide tooth comb to style and separate the hair. The hair is at its weakest when wet. Roll hair in loose curlers or allow to air dry. Damaged hair will only break more when you use blow dryers and hot curlers. Allow your hair to repair and strengthen before you use any hot appliance for styling.

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Give yourself a hot oil treatment every two weeks. Oil treatments will make your hair shaft stronger. A hot oil treatment a few days before your touch-up will help coat and protect the hair for the chemical treatment. Olive oil can be used in this treatment. Alternately, your local beauty supply store has several types of hot oil treatments (see Resources).

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Seek professional advice. Chemical relaxers work best when applied by a licensed professional. Talk to your hair care specialist and get suggestions on what to use on your relaxed hair.