How to Treat Hair Damaged From a Perm

Men and women often use perms and relaxers to treat natural hair; however, they can leave the hair dry, brittle and damaged. Knowing how to treat hair damaged by perms can allow you to have a conditioned and healthy mane.

Apply conditioner. Hair damaged by a perm may be stripped of its natural moisture, leaving it brittle and dry. Find a good conditioner that is not alcohol-based, apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair and comb through. This will lock in moisture the damaging perm has taken away. You might also opt for a leave-in conditioner, which you apply daily to wet or dry hair.

Add shine. Hair damaged by perm may have irreversible damage, but you can still alter the appearance. Use products that contain silicon or keratin to act as an adhesive for cracked or damaged hair cuticles, adding shine. Try products like Frederic Fakaii Salon Glaze or Carol's Daughter Hair Elixir.

Allow your hair to rest. The worst way to treat damaged hair is to continue to add damage. If you damaged your hair, do not continue to perm the hair. Get a routine trim to eventually "cut out" the damage. Allow the hair some rest time between perms and treatment and continue to add conditioner and moisturizer.