How to Fix Hair That is Damaged From Using a Flat Iron

Using a flat iron can seriously dry and damage your hair. Some of the symptoms of flat iron damage are breakage, split ends, and flyaway frizzy hair. In order to repair the hair and keep it healthy while continuing to use a flat iron, you need to treat and protect your hair.

Wash and Condition hair with products designed for dry and damaged hair. Leave conditioner on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Pantene has a very effective line for damaged hair.

Use a heat protecting styling product when using your flat iron. These creams and waxes are specifically made to spread the heat evenly over the shaft of the hair, and to help the flat iron glide instead of pulling and breaking the hair. It coats the hair and conditions it while the heat is being applied. One 'n Only Ceramic Silk Flat Iron Creme is designed specially for use with flat irons.

Apply a weekly hot oil treatment, or deep conditioning mask for dry and damaged hair. This is half an hour to help remedy the damage you do to your hair every day. Vo5 hot oil treatments are inexpensive, and very good for all types of hair.

Give your hair a break, skip the flat iron and all heat products for a few days. Hair is at it weakest point when heated. Skipping a few days with flat iron will give your hair space to rebuild.

Treat your hair gently, using a wide tooth comb while it is wet and only brush while it is dry. This will help prevent breakage and frizziness of damaged hair.