How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer Without Mascara

Mascara makes thin eyelashes look fuller and longer, but it's not a perfect solution for everyone. Mascara may irritate your eyes, for example, and it doesn't look pretty if it clumps together on your lashes. If you long for gorgeous lashes but you can't bear to wear mascara, you're in luck. Achieve the lashes of your dreams with the right tricks and tools.

Wash off all eye makeup before you go to bed at night. Use a makeup remover that's specifically designed to clean off eye shadow and mascara. When removing eye makeup, wipe it away gently. Don't rub your eyes; this can cause lashes to break.

Condition your lashes by applying an eyelash serum. Alternatively, apply a thin layer of olive oil or vitamin E oil. For best results, condition at night, then rinse the product off in the morning.

Curl your lashes to make them look longer for a few hours. Gently squeeze your upper lashes between a curler tool for about 10 seconds. Repeat if the lashes haven't curled enough.

Apply false lashes over your real eyelashes. Purchase a kit and apply the lashes at home, or have them put on at a salon. False lashes come in many lengths and colors. For a more long-term solution, try semipermanent lashes. They last for four to six weeks.

Use a lash-lengthening gel. These products work by applying small synthetic hairs to the tips of your lashes.

Get a bimatoprost lash-lengthening treatment. This topical solution greatly boosts eyelash growth, and it typically works within four weeks of use. Bimatoprost is only available through prescription, so ask your dermatologist if the treatment is right for you.