List of Things Needed for Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic nails are fashion accessories that can be attached to real nails so that you do not have to spend the time growing them. They are available in many different shapes and styles, and people generally go to professionals to have them applied. To ensure that the nails are applied correctly and will remain on, there are a number of items needed.

Nail Files and Filing Block

In order for the acrylic nails to bind effectively to the real nail, you need to prepare the fingernails to receive them. You should shorten the fingernails with a nail file and then use a white filing block to buff the nails. This roughens the nails slightly, which allows the sealing glue to gain a better grip.


The acetone is required in the event that you manage to lose one of the nail tips after you have already applied the glue to the fingernail. You soak the fingernail in acetone, which can remove the glue and then you can start the procedure again.


Glue is needed to hold the new nail tip to the fingernail. You apply the glue to the original nail and press the artificial tip on top. The hold the glue gains is typically very strong, so solvents are required to remove it.

Liquid Acrylic

You create a smile line on the artificial nail tip using liquid acrylic along with acrylic powder. The smile line is the white tip of the nail which follows the natural nail curve. You apply the liquid acrylic to the brush and then soak up the acrylic powder, before applying it to the nail.

Nail Oil

Nail oil is used at the end of the job and continually every day after while the nails are attached. It is first used to buff the nail to a shine and then continued to ensure that the area is kept moist, keeping the nails flexible and reducing the chances of cracks appearing.


The acrylic brush is used to apply liquid acrylic and acrylic powder to the nail.