Calories In Maltesers

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Maltesers are a form of confectionery comprising of a round ball of malt honeycomb covered in a layer of milk chocolate. They are most popular in the UK and Ireland, but are available in the US in specialty import stores. Maltesers are manufactured by Mars, Incorporated.


The ingredients are sugar, cocoa butter, vegetable oil, cocoa mass, lactose, whey powder, soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract, glucose syrup, malt extract, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, pectin, raising agents and salt.


One standard sized 37 g bag of Maltesers contains 187 calories, which scales up to 505 calories per 100 g.

Other Nutritional Facts

A 37 g bag of Maltesers contains 3 g of protein and 22.9 g of carbohydrate, 19.7 g of which is sugar. It also contains 9.2 g of fat, 5.6 g of which is saturated fat. Maltesers are low in fiber at 0.4 g per 37 g and low in sodium at 0.06 g per 37 g.