How to Curl Eyelashes Without Pinching Skin

by Lisa Finn

Give your lashes some love before heading out the door and you'll be sure to liven up your looks. The trick to elongating your lovely lashes without pinching your eyelid skin is to carefully insert the lashes in the curler just until you reach the lash root. Go any further and you'll sabotage your skin. So keep your eye on your eyelash curler when applying your morning makeup, and you'll see what an eye-opening experience a little bend can be.

Start at the Top

Place your thumb and forefinger into the eyelash curler and open it up.

Open your eyes. Move the curler to your upper lashes and carefully place the lashes into the open slot.

Move the eyelash curler slowly up to the lash roots. Do not go any farther. Close the curler gently but firmly. Hold for 10 seconds.

Move the curler gradually down the lashes. Open and close the clamp and squeeze the lashes anywhere from five to 10 seconds at each stop.

Repeat on the lashes of the other eye.

Put a Bend in the Bottom

Flip your eyelash curler upside down.

Open your eyes wide and tilt your head down a bit.

Move the eyelash curler toward your lower lashes and insert the lashes. Stop right before the lash roots. Clamp the curler shut slowly and hold for 10 seconds.

Walk the eyelash curler down the lower lashes a couple of times. Hold for five seconds at each stop.

Repeat on the other eye.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv