How to Stop Pulling out Your Eyelashes

The desire to pull out your eyelashes is a problem that some people face. Due to a disorder called Trichotillomania, which is associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, people have the urge to pull out their eyelashes even though doing so is painful and can harm the eyes. Luckily, even if you have this problem, it is possible to stop pulling out your eyelashes.

Draw the eyelashes. Instead of pulling out your own eyelashes, learn to stop by visualizing the act in a different way. Draw eyelashes on a piece of paper and then erase them every time you have the urge to pull out your own eyelashes.

Stand in front of a mirror. People who pull out their eyelashes don’t do it in front of a mirror to see what the result is. Whenever you have the urge to pull your eyelashes, go to a mirror and think about how you will look after you pull out your eyelashes. This may help you erase the urge.

Get stress medication. Pulling out your eyelashes is often a result of stress on your body. Visit your doctor to see if you can get a prescription to treat the stress and stop pulling out your lashes.

Keep your hands busy. If your hands are occupied, you will be unable to pull out your eyelashes. Keep yourself busy and do other activities with your hands so that you will stop puling out your eyelashes.

Coat your eyelashes. If you feel the urge to pull out your eyelashes, coat them with petroleum jelly. This will make your eyelashes hard to grip, and you will be unable to pull them and will eventually stop.

Go to therapy. If you are pulling out our lashes because of stress and anxiety, seek help from a therapist. The therapist will help you with your anxiety and therefore treat the cause of your eyelash-pulling.