How to Look Like You Have Long Eyelashes

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The right beauty techniques can mean the difference between understated eyelashes and bold, long and luxurious lashes that truly accent your eyes. Learn how to accentuate your eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller -- without the hassle of expensive extensions or pricey eyelash-growth serums.

Brush Lashes

Brushing your lashes gently with an eyelash brush primes them for mascara even before you start to apply makeup. Brushing from the root of the lash to the tip separates lashes to help prevent mascara from clumping when applied. It also ensures that all lashes are at their longest possible length in the right position.

Primer and Mascara

Apply a clear mascara or primer before regular mascara to make the mascara last longer and appear thicker. Brush on the primer or clear mascara to lashes on the underside and on top of lashes for the best results. Use a lengthening mascara, which has extra staying power to keep lashes bold, thicker and longer for a more dramatic look. Apply mascara on top lashes and faintly on the lower lashes to accentuate the look of lash length.


For extra length, try a technique called "minking." Use mascara in black, apply dark brown mascara on the tips of lashes and then finish off by coating the whole lash in black again. This will thicken the very tips of lashes and will actually add length.


Tightlining is a makeup trick used by experts to make lashes look longer and fuller. The technique involves applying gel eyeliner to the underside of eyelashes. Use an angled brush to apply eyeliner along the eyelid water line -- the part of your upper eyelid located between your eye and the roots of your lashes -- from the outer lashes all the way to your inner lashes. The process makes lashes look like they start farther back, giving a lengthening illusion. Apply eyeliner above the lashes, too, to fill and shape them.

Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are an invaluable tool used to make lashes look longer, as they manipulate the lash and give it a more prominent look. Gently crimping lashes with an eyelash curler at the base of the lash makes eyelashes fan out from your eyes toward your eyebrows, giving you a wide-eyed look and the appearance of thicker lashes.

Using False Eyelashes

If you’re still not satisfied with your own eyelashes, purchase false eyelashes at a drugstore. False eyelashes come in full-lash sets, partial lash sets and individual lash sets that can be applied with an adhesive. When using false eyelashes, let the adhesive dry fully before proceeding with your usual makeup routine. Apply mascara on top of false lashes to create the illusion of longer lashes and to make them seem more natural.