How to Get Your Beard to Lay Down

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Men have beards of all shapes, sizes and lengths, and the specific styles can vary greatly from one another. No matter the style, though, keeping your beard trimmed with regularly grooming is essential to getting it to lay down. Scraggly hairs and uneven lengths can easily turn a stylish beard into a mess. With the right tools and a bit of patience, your beard will lay down properly and be low maintenance.

Comb your beard in the direction you want it to lay. This removes dead hairs, as well as straightens your beard for styling.

Trim your beard using small scissors specifically designed for beard trimming. Use the comb to help with straight lines and evenness. Use an electric trimmer for larger areas. Attach different size guards depending on the length you want.

Rinse any hairs from your beard and face.

Dampen your beard and comb into the desired style. Allow to dry. Often, this is enough to get it to lay down properly. However, if your facial hair is resistant, apply a small amount of hair gel to your hands and distribute evenly throughout your beard. Style and allow to dry.