How to Remove Genital Hair on Men

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Genital hair removal has left the realm of strictly women and is becoming a common trend for men as well. The advantages include increased hygiene, comfort and aesthetics. Genital hair removal can also help the penis to appear larger, increasing your sex appeal. A few easy at-home methods are available for male genital hair removal that are time and cost efficient, and help you maintain your privacy.

Shave your genital hair for a clean-cut finish. Get into a hot shower and lather the pubic area with shaving cream. Shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize ingrown hairs and rinse the blade in between strokes.

Trim hair with scissors or for better results, an electric trimmer. Trim dry hair only and make sure to maintain an even length of hair while trimming. Maintain the hair by trimming every 12 to 14 days.

Apply a depilatory, purchased from your local drugstore, to the pubic area to remove hairs. Test the product on the inside of your elbow for any adverse reactions at least 48 hours before applying it to your genitals. Rinse the depilatory from your skin completely after applying it to your pubic hair for the time recommended on the bottle.