How to Trim a Beard to a Point

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Beards have come and gone in men's fashions. After falling out of fashion in the early through middle part of the 20th century, they came roaring back with the younger men in the late 1960s. The new century started with no one style of beard more acceptable than another with almost any style seen on the streets of most cities. Pointed beards come in a variety of their own styles, with names such as "anchor" and the long traditional versions of "van dyke" and "el Greco."

Grow the chin hair long while keeping the sides short.

Find or create a three-way mirror to keep track of the symmetry of the beard sides.

Trim the beard after the central portion reaches about an inch past where you want the point to be. Start from the side and slide the cutters downward at the angle designed to give you the look you desire. A 60- to 70-degree angle is going to give a long, slender highly pointed beard, while a 45-degree angle will give more of a "spade" look.

Take off a little hair at a time. You can always cut more, but if you attempt to take off too much at one time, you may have to wait several weeks for it to grow back from a mistake.

Stop after every pass with the trimmer and comb the beard upwards against the grain to spot any stray, long hairs that did not get cut with that pass. Cut them before moving on to the next pass.