How to Raise the Ear Tabs on Wigs Up Off of the Ears

Wearing a wig is a quick fix to a bad hair day. There are different types of wigs, including lace wigs and non-lace. Unlike lace wigs, non-lace wigs have open ear tabs located on each side of the wig. The purpose of the ear tabs is to ensure a secure and natural looking fit around the ears. For eyeglass wearers, the tab is a welcome feature because the tabs can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Adjust your wig so that the front is positioned along your natural hairline. The wig should be positioned no more than one-half inch in front of your natural hairline. The ear tabs should be positioned directly in front of your ears. The wig tabs should be parallel. If one tab is higher than the other, it indicates that your wig is not on straight.

If the wig does not feel tight enough, adjust the bands that are located underneath the wig cap. The adjustable bands are located along the nape of the wig.

Hold the left ear tab. Bend it inward (toward your scalp) and upward, so that the tab no longer rests on your ear. Because of the tab's flexible wiring, you can adjust it to suit your personal taste. For a more natural look, the tab should rest slightly above your ear.

Bend the right ear tab inward and upward until the positioning of the tab suits your personal taste.