How to Avoid Itching With a Wig

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People have many reasons for wearing a wig. They may be suffering from a medical problem like cancer or they may simply want to improve their appearance. Wigs come in various shapes and sizes. They are more comfortable than they were many years ago due to design changes in the wig industry. One problem that wig wearers frequently experience is that it causes itching. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid itching with a wig.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for caring for the wig. A poorly maintained wig is more likely to cause itching.

Rinse the wig thoroughly after shampooing it because shampoo buildup can cause itching. This is especially important inside the wig cap because it is worn closest to the scalp.

Wear a cotton or mesh liner beneath the wig to keep it from irritating your scalp.

Clean your scalp with witch hazel on a daily basis to prevent the oil buildup that causes itching.

Brush the wig carefully to keep strands of the wig from protruding through the wig onto your scalp.

Choose a wig that allows greater circulation to your scalp, such as those that have softer fiber, lighter caps or open caps.