How to Restore Synthetic Wigs

People can grow attached to their wigs--although not literally. Whether a wig is worn for costume or dress up, such as Halloween, or for practical and day-to-day purposes, a good wig is not always easy to find. If you have a wig that's starting to look old and dirty or to lose some of its shape and shine, you can restore it.

Use only sprays and gels designed for synthetic hair and wigs when styling your wig. Even very mild hair care products can cause damage, such as dryness or limpness, to synthetic wigs. There are many brand name synthetic hair products, including those from Revlon and Raquel Welch.

Wash your synthetic wig after every 10 to 12 wearings. If you use hair care products on your wig you may need to wash slightly more frequently. If you have a wig cap that will probably need washing as well, since it is exposed to greasy scalp oils. Every time you wash your synthetic wig it takes away from its lifetime. By using fewer gels and sprays you won't need to wash the wig as often and it will last longer, look less worn-out, and be in need of less restoration and maintenance.

Use only combs and brushes that are made for synthetic hair and wigs. To prevent the splitting of individual synthetic hairs you can also comb with a rubber-tipped comb.

Soak your synthetic wig in cold water mixed with shampoo for five minutes to wash it. Scrub very gently to remove dirt and other impurities. Towel dry the wig and apply a little bit of conditioner to make brushing easier and restore the wig's shine.