How to Handle a Very Tangled Synthetic Wig

The strands of fibers that are used to create a synthetic wig can become easily tangled and matted if you don't properly care for the wig. One of the quickest ways to tangle your wig is to neglect to comb it after pulling it off and after washing it and forgetting to store it inside of the net that came with it. The good thing is that with a little time and attention, your wig can be restored into a hairpiece that you will love to wear again.

Avoid washing your wig while it is tangled. Doing so will only cause it to become more tangled.

Spray your synthetic wig with a detangling spray. The more spray you apply, the easier it will be to untangle.

Lay your wig on a flat working surface. If you like, you can lay it on your lap.

Use a wide-tooth comb to begin combing the tangles out of your wig. Work your way from the ends of the wig strands to the top of the wig strands. Starting at the top and working your way down will only result in more of a tangled mess. Add more detangling spray as you deem necessary.

Refrain from pulling the comb forcefully through the tangles. Pulling will not only pull the hair off of the "tracks" of the wig but the pulling will also cause the synthetic hair to become frizzy. Though combing gently and slowly will take longer, it's worth it.

Spray your synthetic wig with a light oil sheen to restore luster that was lost while getting rid of the tangles.