How to Keep My Weave From Looking Tangled

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Wearing a weave can lengthen, thicken and make other improvements to your natural hair. Weaves are just another name for hair extensions, and while they are more common among African-American women, they are becoming more popular among other ethnic groups. Weaves are made of either human or synthetic hair; human hair is ideal but tends to be more expensive. Whether it is synthetic or real hair, to keep your weave from looking tangled, you must keep it intensely moisturized.

Spray your weave with a detangling conditioner before washing it. Begin at the bottom of the weave, using a wide-tooth comb, and work your way upward. Take your time; do not hurry through this progress or you risk ruining the look of the weave.

Wash the scalp, and weave, with a gentle shampoo. Do not rub it in. Instead, massage the scalp and let the suds run down over the weave. Rubbing the weave will make it look tangled. Rinse it thoroughly.

Apply a deep conditioner to the hair and length of the weave, starting at the bottom and working up. Do not rub it or even massage it into the weave. Adding this moisture to the weave is paramount to preventing it from tangling. Even with that moisture, however, rubbing it will tangle it up.

Dry the hair by dabbing it with a towel.

Spray liquid hair oil onto the weave. Start spraying at the bottom of it and continue up. Press it in with your fingers.

Sleep only on satin pillow cases. They protect the weave from tangling in comparison to other fabrics.