How to Connect Wig Clips

Wig clips are small combs that are used to secure wigs, toupees and hairpieces to existing hair. If you are looking for the convenience of being able to freely take on and take off your wig or toupee, wig clips are a viable solution. Wig clips can be used alone to secure a wig, or they can be used in conjunction with adhesive or tape. Wig clips are typically sewn in around the perimeter of the wig or toupee lining.

Determine the best points along the perimeter of your hairpiece lining to attach the clips. You may want to just use clips at the back with adhesive at the front to maintain the look of a natural hairline in the front. Without adhesive, you may want to use clips at the back and at sides of your crown. You can also put a wig clip in the middle of the piece. How many clips you use will depend on the type and size of the hairpiece and how much pre-existing hair you have.

Thread your needle so you have a long double thread.

Sew the clips along the edge of the lining. If you have a lace wig, fold and pin the lining back to double the material. Place clips so the comb teeth are facing up and so the rubber strip is against the lining. The long edge of the clip should line up with the edge of the lining. Stitch through the lining, up through each hole in the clip. There will be several holes for sewing around the perimeter of the clip. Go through each hole three times and secure each pass through a hole with a lock stitch. Make lock stitches by passing the needle through the two threads and pulling it tight.

Cut the flaps from between each clip if you have a lace wig. Cut them to create a straight, unfolded edge that lines up with the front edge of the comb.

Attach the hairpiece to your head by pressing on the centers of the combs to unsnap and open them. Pull the hairpiece tight and slide the teeth of each comb into the hair or under the hair cap.

Press on the centers again to snap and close the clips.