How to Make Headband Wigs

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If your hair is thinning or flatter than you would prefer, you can give it a lift by wearing a small hairpiece, such as a headband wig. Although you can purchase a headband wig at a wig store, they can often be very costly. One solution is to make your own headband wig using craft supplies and acrylic wig hair. Once the headband wig is finished, you can wear it to add fullness to your natural hair.

Blow up a balloon to roughly the size of your own head. Knot the end of the balloon to prevent air from escaping.

Stretch a cotton jersey headband around the balloon.

Cut pieces of acrylic wig hair to match the length of your own hair. Make sure to select wig hair that also matches the color of your hair.

Insert a hot glue stick into a hot glue gun, and plug it in to heat for approximately 10 minutes.

Apply a thin line of hot glue horizontally onto the headband on the area where your ears would be.

Press the cut wig hair onto the hot glue.

Apply another thin line of hot glue about 1/8-inch above the first line, and press more wig hair onto it. Continue adding hair in this manner until one half of the headband is full.

Repeat this process with the other side of the headband, working from the ear area toward the top of the headband.

Trim the ends of the hair to make them even or to perfect the look you are trying to achieve.