How to Attach a Wedding Veil to a Hair Comb

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Creating your own bridal veil is a beautiful way to express your individual style on your big day. By attaching a simple bridal veil to a hair comb, you can fashion a veil that will look great with your dress for a fraction of the cost of buying one. The bridal veil of your dreams will take you from beautiful photos to walking down the aisle and dancing the night away at your reception.

Gather the veil by hand-sewing the edge of the fabric that you will attach to the comb using a basting stitch: Make a running stitch through the fabric, spacing the stitches around 1/4 inch apart. Leave 3/4 inch of fabric beyond the running stitch to allow for easily gathering and sewing. Gently pull the threads on each end of the fabric to gather it evenly to a length 1/2 inch shorter than the width of the comb. Tie the ends of the thread to maintain the gather.

Sew the veil to the comb using small hand stitches that encircle the top edge of each tooth of the comb. Position the fabric so the raw edge is closest to the bottom of the comb, where the comb's teeth go into your hair. This way, you can fold the veil over so that the fabric will have a smooth edge next to the decorative part of the hair comb. Trim the excess fabric.

Decorate the top of the comb by gluing a row or two of beads or faux pearls to it. Apply a strip of glue to the top of the comb. Position the beads one at a time to make sure they are secure. Clear crystal beads or rhinestones are a nice choice to create a little sparkle. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.