How to Put in a 27-Piece Hair Weave

haridresser at work image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from

Use a 27-piece weave to create a beautiful hairstyle. Weave pieces are glued around the head in a circular pattern, and bangs can be customized and cut to the desired length.

Gather all the materials. Take all pieces of hair out of the package. Arrange the hair from shortest to longest pieces.

Add gel to the person's natural hair. Comb the hair flat around the head. Place the shower cap on the head, then place the stocking cap on top of the shower cap.


Starting at the nape, take the shortest weave pieces and measure them to the person's nape. If the weave is too long, cut it to the size of the nape. Put a small amount of glue on the weave piece and place it on the stocking cap at the nape.

Continue gluing weave pieces to the stocking cap in rows. Maintain a circular pattern around the head. Always add the next piece directly above the previously glued piece.

Complete the back and sides of the head first. Take a longer weave piece and glue it to the front hairline of the cap for bangs. Continue gluing longer pieces until the desired thickness of the bangs is achieved. Hold the bangs taut and cut an angle into the bangs to create a side-swept bang.

Flip a short hair piece upside down and glue it to the crown area of the head. Make sure you are gluing on the stocking cap. This will create a spiky effect. Continue to glue weave to the top of the crown. Comb all of the hair smooth and style as desired.