How to Glue in a Ponytail Using a Weave

Ponytails are fashionable, simple styles that can be dressed up for a night on the town or left down to go to the beach. If you’re on the go and need a quick ponytail, create a sleek, slick design in no time.

Wash and dry your natural hair.

Use hair gel or a combination of moisturizer and hair spritz to pull your hair back as tightly as you can into a ponytail holder. Brush the edges back. Section off hair in the front for bangs, if desired. Spray hair gel or spritz on your hair and brush several times. Make sure all of the hair is pulled back and in the same direction.

Choose the weaving hair that matches your hair color. Make sure it is a little darker if your hair changes color when product is applied. Use hair on a weft to allow an area for glue. Cut pieces of the track hair into smaller, more manageable pieces for wrapping; this will also help to keep the glue from becoming messy while you wrap it.

Use bonding glue to trace a line from one end of your ponytail piece to the next. Tie your natural hair ponytail in a bun if you will wear the weave ponytail loose. Pin your hair down with several hairpins. Wrapthe weft around your natural ponytail bun. Make sure to pull the hair tight and secure every few centimeters with a hair pin. Spray hair spritz and use a blow dryer to fully bond the ponytail together before wrapping the next layer. Continue to repeat and wrap to desired ponytail thickness.

Take the last few inches of your weave ponytail and wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail covering the weft. Comb through your hair and style your ponytail as desired by either cutting it into layers and curling with a curling iron or keeping it bone straight and flat ironing it.

Wrap your hair at night and while in the shower to prolong the look of your ponytail.