How to Cut Curly Bangs

Darrin Klimek/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Bangs on curly hair can be extremely difficult to manage. Curly hair does not curl the same way every day, and your style will be different depending on how your hair looks after each styling session. That said, if you want to cut your bangs yourself, cut them a bit longer, letting them hang right at the eyebrow line.

Cutting Curly Bangs

Step 1

Style your hair normally. Curly hair should never be cut wet. For cutting your curly bangs, style your hair as you normally would and make sure it's completely dry before you begin to cut.

Step 2

Stand in front of a mirror with your hair-cutting scissors and pull a small section of hair from right at your hairline and forehead. Each section should be about the length of your pointer finger.

Step 3

Run your fingers to the end of the strand (if already cut in bangs) and trim away at the split ends. If your hair isn't yet cut into bangs, run your finger down to eye level to where you feel your eyelashes. Then, pull your hair out in front of you and cut the hair in a straight line.

Step 4

Continue to cut the hair from just above your temple to the other side. Keep the cut at a straight line and use an already-cut piece of hair to measure where to cut the additional strands.

Step 5

Re-wet the hair with the spray bottle of water and let it dry back to what it will normally look like. From here, trim your bangs to even them out by pulling your hair out in front of your face in sections and looking in the mirror to see if the ends are even.