How to Cut Piecey Hair

Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

If your hair has been blunt-cut straight across, you won't be able to style it into a piecey look. If you want to transform your haircut into something a little more edgy, you can cut the hair to appear piecey instead of in a straight line. The trick to creating the desired texture for the piecey look is to hold the scissors a certain way while you cut the ends of the hair.

Brush the hair to remove any tangles.

Straighten all your hair with a flat iron. Even if you usually wear your hair curly, working on straight hair will make it much easier to see where your layers are in accordance with each other.

Hold the hair in between your first two fingers with the hand that won't be used for the scissors. Pull the hair straight, leaving about 1 inch of exposed hair below the fingers.

Snip the ends of the hair holding your scissors vertically instead of horizontally. This will create an edgy, texturized look on the ends.

Cut the entire bottom edge of the hair using the same technique. You can also incorporate the cutting style into any existing layers that you have for a chunkier look.

Style the piecey edges by rubbing some hair wax on your fingertips and molding the ends of the hair with your fingers.