The Best Way to Shave With No Stubble

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Shaving is something that both women and men have to deal with in many cultures in the world. Men's faces, women's legs and underarms and other areas of your body might be deemed unsightly if they allow stubble or hair to grow. There are some strategies that you can follow for shaving with no stubble. Corey Greenbert, a writer and health and beauty expert at MSNBC for the past five years, shares some tips about the best ways to shave with no stubble.

Shave Daily

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Shave each day to train your body to not produce as much hair in those locations. Shaving each day will also toughen up the skin on the areas you shave, making it harder for the hair to grow and produce stubble. Use a shaving cream or gel each time you shave to soften up the hairs and make them stand up so that you will be able to get them all on your first pass through with the razor.

Shave Wet

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Shave when your skin is wet. You should also shave in a place that is moist, like the bathroom after a shower. Wet skin and moist air both work together to open up pores and make the hair softer. This makes it easier for you to get all of the hair when you shave, which means that there will be less stubble growth. Shaving dry might be a fast solution, but the hairs will be hard and less pliable, so you won't get them all on the first couple of passes. You might also have more trouble keeping yourself stubble free if you shave in this manner.

Shave Against Hair Growth

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Look at the area that needs shaving, and see the way that the hairs lay down if they get long enough to do so. This is the pattern of hair growth. On a woman's legs, for instance, the hair will usually lay downward from the top, meaning that the hair growth is down the leg. You want to shave against the hair growth, to cut the hairs as close to the skin as possible. On most areas of a man's face, this means shaving up. On a woman's legs, this means shaving up as well.