After Shaves That Will Slow Down Hair Growth

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Shaving and hair removal can be a tedious chore -- hair always manages to grow back. You can minimize your personal grooming time by using an aftershave lotion that slows the regrowth of hair so you can get back a little time in your morning routine.

ClarinsMen Skin Difference

Skin Difference shave lotion by ClarinsMen promises to soften hair texture with frequent application, making daily shaving an easier and quicker process over time. It also allows for a closer shave to remove more hair with each stroke of the razor. When applied after shaving and before bed, Skin Difference will prolong the time between shaves.

Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula

This Clinique aftershave lotion also promises to make beard hair finer and softer over time, allowing a razor to remove more hair per stroke than when using soap and water. The Post-Shave Soother also encourages healing of minor nicks, cuts and abrasions that accompany the act of shaving, and soothes any irritation to the skin.

DSM Hair Growth Delaying Aftershave

DSM Hair Growth Delaying Aftershave is a lotion that inhibits hair growth, rather than making hair grow back softer and finer. This aftershave is applied to the face immediately after shaving, and it is scented. DSM Hair Growth Delaying Aftershave is also naturally derived, and contains vitamin E, Dead Sea minerals and 10 oils to aid in slowing your beard's regrowth.

Sigma Skin Hair Growth Suppressing Aftershave Cream

The Sigma Skin aftershave formula is also crafted to let men skip a day shaving without looking like they simply forgot. This aftershave formula weakens the hair follicle where applied, so it is important only to apply the aftershave to those areas where you do not want hair -- that is, keep it out of the hair on your head. With use over time, your beard should be less dense and thick, which will allow for an easier shave as well.