Ingredients in Hairfinity Vitamins

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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins is a dietary supplement that contains a special blend of nutrients designed to promote faster hair growth. It contains many essential vitamins that are purported to promote healthy hair, among other functions, as well as minerals and other compounds that may have an effect on increasing the growth phase of hair. However, these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and individuals should speak with a doctor before taking any dietary supplement.


Hairfinity vitamins contain high amounts of a variety of essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C and D as well as the entire spectrum of B vitamins and biotin. A single serving – two capsules – of Hairfinity vitamins contains 163, 167 and 25 percent daily value of vitamins A, C and D respectively, according to the manufacturer's website. As for the B-complex vitamins, Hairfinity provides 1,000 percent daily value of vitamin B-5 and 333 percent daily value for vitamins B-12 and B-2. A single serving also provides 294 and 250 percent daily value of vitamins B-1 and B-6, respectively as well as 25 and 50 percent daily value of vitamins B-3 and B-9, respectively, according to the company website. Two capsules of Hairfinity vitamins also contain 833 percent daily value of biotin. These vitamins contribute to a variety of bodily functions and the vitamins B-1, B-2 and biotin specifically contribute to healthy hair, according to Harvard Health Publications.

Gelatin, Silica and Calcium

A single serving of Hairfinity vitamins contains 186 mg or 18 percent daily value of calcium as well as 190 mg and 30 mg of gelatin and silica, respectively, according to the manufacturer's website, Calcium contributes to a healthy body, which may contribute to healthy hair. And silica helps maximize hair growth, according to the website Gelatin is a common ingredient used in making dietary supplements that contributes to the structural integrity of the capsule, tablet or pill.


MSM or methylsulfonylmethane, is a sulfur compound found naturally in the body as well as dietary sources such as fruits, vegetables, meats and grains. As a dietary supplement, MSM is believed to reduce pain and swelling in joints, according to The Hairfinity website claims that MSM increases anagen -- the growth phase of hair -- allowing hair to remain in this phase longer to maximize hair growth. However, these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.