Vitamins for Damaged Hair

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Damaged hair looks dry, limp, and dull. Whether your hair is damaged because of overprocessing, coloring, heat styling, or any other reason, it can be improved with vitamins. A few supplements are known to improve texture, shine, growth, and overall condition of hair. Biotin, PHYTO Phytophanere, and beta-carotene are three of the most popular options.


Biotin, a derivative of vitamin B, is unofficially known as the haircare supplement. Biotin delivers protein to the hair shaft. Since hair is composed primarily of protein, this builds up the hair shaft and makes it more resilient. People taking biotin often report faster-than-average growth, less breakage, and smoother hair.

Adding extra biotin to your diet via supplements is one remedy for damaged hair. Oral biotin supplements can be found in the vitamin section of any natural foods store, and in most grocery and nutrition stores.

PHYTO Phytophanere Dietary Supplement - Hair & Nails

Luxury haircare brand PHYTO offers Phytophanere, a dietary supplement that claims to improve hair. This product rejuvenates damaged hair, and prevents thinning and shedding.

The active ingredients in the Phytophanere supplements are vitamin E (wheat germ oil), an antioxidant; omega 3 and 6 (borage seed oil), to improve hair shine; pro-vitamin A (carrot oil) to boost skin radiance; and vitamins B, C, and cystine, to promote healthy hair and nail growth.

PHYTO states that hair looks thicker, lusher, and healthier when the supplements are taken correctly.


Beta-carotene is another effective supplement that aids in repairing damaged hair. Beta-carotene is internally converted into vitamin A as the body needs it. Vitamin A is great for hair repair, as seen above; it is one of the main active ingredients in the PHYTO Phytophanere vitamins. Carrots are a good natural source of beta-carotene, so adding more carrots to your diet can improve the health of your hair. Supplements are also effective.