Alternatives to La Mer Creme

by Kristin Jennifer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Creme de la Mer is a nutrient-rich facial cream designed for healing scars, wrinkles and extreme dryness. Sea kelp is the main ingredient, along with petrolatum, eucalyptus oil, and glycerin. The creme is extremely expensive, ranging from $135 an ounce to $1650 for 16.5 ounces. The product is sold at high-end stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

Alternative Skin Care Products with Sea Kelp

Sea kelp, or seaweed, is a nutrient-rich plant that grows in the ocean. The plant is used in many skin care products and shampoos. Alba Botanica makes a sea kelp toner that smooths the skin. Sea Legend by Beauty Naturally also offers a kelp-based lotion that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Lotion with sea kelp extract is available in most discount supermarket chains.

Scar Reducing Lotions

Scar reducing lotions minimize the appearance of scars. Most scar reducing creams moisturize the skin deeply to allow it to repair itself. La Mer's thick, rich cream provides moisture density that penetrates and heals scars. Weleda's Skin Food is a deeply hydrating cream that effectively moisturizes scarred or broken skin. With continued use, scars and scrapes heal leaving only the faintest marks. Scar reducers can be purchased by prescription or at drugstores over the counter.

Wrinkle Fighters

Several wrinkle fighting creams are available at the local drugstore. Look for products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoids, topical vitamin C, idebenone and pentapeptides. Alternatively, try facial exercises. Carolyn's Facial Fitness work-out program can be ordered online for a fraction of the cost of La Mer's beauty creme. Enthusiasts believe that facial exercises reduce the visibility and creation of wrinkles. Facial exercises are believed to stimulate collagen buildup for firm, toned skin.

Extremely Dry Skin

La Mer is touted for healing extremely dry skin. However, the Mayo Clinic recommends Cetaphil and Eucerine, both extremely thick moisturizers that can be applied directly after bathing. The Mayo Clinic staff also recommends treating dry skin with body oils, olive oil or baby oil, which can be absorbed by the skin for better results.

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