Does Retin-A Micro Gel Get Rid of Wrinkles?

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Retin-A Micro is meant to treat acne; however, it may minimize the appearance of some wrinkles. Renova is currently the only brand of Retin A prescribed specifically for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; this does not mean Retin-A Micro does not offer anti-aging results.


Retin A, also known as tretinoin, is a form of vitamin A that was originally developed in the late 1980s to treat acne, according to Since its development, several brand names have emerged. Retin-A Micro is a pescribed gel that offers less irritation and dryness in comparison to other brands because of its slow-release tretinoin, according to Retin-A Micro is applied topically as an acne treatment with a tretinoin strength of only .1 percent.


As you age, your production of collagen begins to slow down and the elasticity of your skin breaks down. Once your skin loses elasticity, it becomes more difficult for the skin to bounce back to its original state. Years of facial expressions begin etching into the skin and if you intentionally tan or leave the house without sunscreen, the process of aging begins prematurely. Tretinoin may rebuild collagen fibers within the skin causing the appearance of wrinkles to diminish, according to Tretinoin also works as an exfoliant, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Tretinoin inhibits matrix metalloproteinase, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin, according to The inhibition of this enzyme may be more effective at preventing future wrinkles than changing your amount of current wrinkles. Although this cream is prescribed as an effective acne treatment, the small amount of tretinoin in Retin-A Micro will not have drastic effects on the appearance of wrinkles.


Once you begin using Retin-A Micro, your skin will typically look worse than before you began using the gel. It can take up to 12 weeks to see results and irritation will often be present during the first three weeks, according to Common side effects are irritation, dryness, peeling and increased sun sensitivity, according to If irritation does not improve or you experience burning, itching or hives, contact your dermatologist.


If you are trying to treat eye wrinkles with Retin-A Micro, only apply the product under your eyes and to crow’s feet. This product should never be used on your upper lids, according to You can minimize the amount of irritation from Retin-A Micro by using the product every other night during the first few week and waiting up to 30 minutes after washing your face to apply the gel. While using Retin-A Micro, minimize your amount of sun exposure and always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.