Dermal Tone Facial Exercise Treatment

The Dermal Tone facial exercise treatment claimed to have anti-aging effects. This portable home machine uses electric pulses to stimulate your aging and sagging facial muscles. The people at Dermal Tone proclaimed that the building of facial muscles as a result of using their machine would tighten your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. The Dermal Tone facial exerciser was featured on Dateline, an NBC program, in 2001 and purported to produce results in as little as three days.

The Device

The Dermal Tone facial exerciser is lightweight and about the size of a common television remote. It originally came in a box set. The set includes the facial exerciser (white), a how-to video (VHS), an electric adapter (white) and a water-based lotion. You can use the device by plugging it into your wall or go cordless when you travel and use a 9-volt battery (not included).


According to a forum on, Dermal Tone Inc. operated out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It went out of business in 2006 because it was shut down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dermal Tone did not obtain its required marketing clearance before offering this product for sale. Additionally, the FDA determined it was not safe for unsupervised home use. You can still buy the facial exerciser on eBay for about $150, plus shipping. Garage sales are also another source of this discontinued product and the prices are much cheaper than eBay. Other users reported obtaining theirs in the basement of a friend or relative.


Your facial muscles will be safely and gently exercised by micro-electro impulses. It will feel like an involuntary muscle spasm. One of the exercises targets a muscle in your eye area called the orbicularis oris, once developed under eye puffiness will be reduced. You will also exercise your neck muscles and it will improve a saggy appearance. Not only are the muscles exercised, the circulation in your skin is also increased

Proper Use

The Dermal Tone facial exercise treatment works using electrical pulses and takes only minutes a day. To activate the electrical transfer of current from the exerciser to your muscles, apply water or a water-based lotion to the contact point on your skin. Watch the video and it will show you the eight recommended contact spots on the face for the most effective anti-aging treatments.