How to Use the Baby Quasar

The Baby Quasar is a commercial device that you can purchase at department stores and online. It uses red and infrared lights to treat age lines and acne. You can use a combination of three settings to revitalize your skin similar to the way spa treatments work; however, by using your Baby Quasar, you could save a considerable amount of money versus going to the spa, and can provide your skin several treatments a week for faster results.

Wash your face and remove any makeup before beginning treatment. Also, if you have piercings in your face, remove them.

Use the Pure Silk Ha Serum that came with your Baby Quasar. Follow the directions on the bottle for proper application.

Visually divide your face into six sections. Imagine a line down the middle of your face, one across your eyebrows and one below your nose. This will make six rectangles to work with. For ease of identification, going clockwise, the top left is A, top right is B, middle right is C, bottom right is D, bottom left is E, and middle left is F.

Choose the correct mode based on your skin type. Use low frequency if you have sensitive skin. This is the orange LED light. Use the high frequency if you have normal skin. This is the red LED light and it will not pulsate.

Keep the wand on your skin and start with section A. Move the wand continuously and slowly, do not stop. Do not use too much pressure, but make sure you do not see the light from the wand. You should go over the section for two minutes, until you hear the tone that indicates it is time to go to the next section of skin. Repeat this step for sections B, C, D, E, and F respectively.

Repeat step five using the high frequency setting. After you have completed the second treatment you can apply one more treatment by switching to the third setting, the continuous setting. This is the green LED light. This light should be used only on what you consider problem areas. Move the wand constantly for two minutes.

Turn off the device and unplug it once you are finished with the treatment. Use alcohol pads to clean the wand and the LEDs. Store the device in the pouch that you received when you purchased your Baby Quasar.

Repeat the entire process two to three times a week for best results. Do not use more often or else it may result in dry skin or skin damage.