How to Convert the Jenny Lind Crib Into a Toddler Bed

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The Jenny Lind crib comes in many different styles and colors, from the traditional white to wood finishes such as maple and walnut. Cribs also feature fully turned spindles, castor wheels, single drop-side design, sturdy metal mattress springs and BPA-free teething rails. The attractive design of these cribs will add beauty to any nursery, but the Jenny Lind crib is practical as well--most models can change to a toddler bed, allowing your precious one to enjoy the bed's comfort and safety for years to come.

Step 1

Using the small wrench and hex wrench, remove the front railing.

Step 2

Remove mattress.

Step 3

Replace the front railing with the mattress guardrail included in the conversion kit.

Step 4

Using the Phillips screwdriver, move the holding brackets down one slot so that the mattress is now at toddler level, not baby level.

Step 5

Replace mattress. Now would be a good time to flip and/or clean the mattress, as well.