How Do You Adjust the Height on a Disney Safety 1st Walker?

Sky View/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Disney Safety 1st Walker has three different heights to ensure a comfortable fit for your baby. Setting the proper height allows your baby to use the walker as intended. You can easily adjust the height of the walker to fit your little one.

Step 1

Remove your baby from the walker before adjusting the height.

Step 2

Twist the height adjustment button clockwise to unlock the adjustment feature. The button is located on the front of the walker under the tray.

Step 3

Press and hold the height adjustment button with one hand.

Step 4

Raise or lower the tray to the desired height with your other hand.

Step 5

Turn the height adjustment button counterclockwise to lock the adjustment feature.

Step 6

Set your baby in the walker to check the height. He should stand comfortably with both feet on the floor when the walker is at the correct height.