How to Talk to a Guy You Like at School

One of the most complicated parts of the social aspect of school life is communicating with members of the opposite gender. Such communication is encouraged in latter years of middle school and throughout high school through school sponsored events such as homecoming dances and proms. Talking to a male classmate that you are attracted to can be a very daunting task for many girls of all ages. If you remain calm and collected and follow a few simple steps, you can easily spark a conversation with the guy at school who catches your eye.

Step 1

Approach him in a hallway between class or after school and smile and say, "Hi!".

Step 2

Take a deep couple breaths before approaching him at lunch and start a conversation with him.

Step 3

Ask if you can sit with him at lunch.

Step 4

Talk to him about things you are interested in such as movies, sports or music and see if he has the same interests.

Step 5

Talk about anything you and he have in common.

Step 6

Keep eye contact and smile while talking to him.

Step 7

Talk to his friends also if you are sitting in a group, try not to just talk to him as this could make him feel uncomfortable.

Step 8

Try to tell a few jokes and compliment him.