How to Get Over Your Husband's Affair

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When a couple gets married, they vow to remain together through the good and bad. When a woman's husband strays and has an affair, whether emotional or physical, it can lead to serious problems and even divorce. After an affair, a husband and wife may decide that they still care deeply for each other and wish to work things out; this is possible, but will take time and effort from each person in the relationship.

Step 1

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Attend couples counseling with your husband to work through your problems with the help of a neutral third party.

Step 2

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Plan regular dates with him so that you can work on rebuilding the romance together.

Step 3

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Be honest and open with one another about your feelings and desires.

Step 4

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Tell your husband exactly what you need from him in order to move forward. Let him know any actions that you will not put up with in the future.

Step 5

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Let go of the past and work on restoring the trust in your relationship. Jealousy and distrust will only lead you to feel resentment and cause arguments in the relationship.

Step 6

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Determine whether you are able to move past the cheating. If you can't trust him anymore or look at him the same, figure out if it's worth remaining in the relationship. If you decide to get a divorce, use personal therapy to work through your feelings and go out to meet new people.