How to Romance Your Wife

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The romance of dating often fades once two people get married. Dealing with life's mundane necessities, such as working, cleaning and taking care of children, saps your energy and leaves little for romance. Yet, increasing the romance in your marriage can strengthen the bond you have with your wife. Showing devotion to your wife by putting effort into romance shows her you truly care. Even if planning romance feels strange to you at first, keep trying until it feels more natural. Your wife will truly appreciate it.

Step 1

Cook your wife her favorite meal or order takeout from her favorite restaurant. Surprise her when she walks in the door with candles on the table and the meal laid out on your nice china set.

Step 2

Plan date nights with your wife to evoke memories of when you two first met. Set aside a Friday or Saturday evening once a month, hire a babysitter if you have kids and take your wife out on the town. The night could involve something as simple as dinner out or as adventurous as salsa dancing.

Step 3

Schedule a time to be intimate. Nurturing intimacy is an important part of a marriage and helps you to rekindle the passion. It may seem odd to schedule intimacy, but having an allotted time ensures that you can enjoy that time together.

Step 4

Leave your wife a note on the bathroom mirror before leaving work that says, "I love you." Doing something unexpected helps create romance in your marriage.

Step 5

Schedule a weekend away together. Find a bed and breakfast in a town or city you like to visit and escape for the weekend. Without distractions, you can romance your wife and put the passion back in your marriage.

Step 6

Kiss your wife passionately every day. Kissing is a very intimate practice, and doing it every day will increase the romance in your marriage.