How to Make a Teen Relationship Last Until Marriage

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You and the love of your life are the equivalent of Ken and Barbie, except maybe not as blonde or plastic, and your relationship will last even longer. Teenage love can be a fickle crush, or it can be The One. If you have met the person you think you want to spend the rest of your life with, there are several ways to keep the relationship fresh and exciting until marriage, but it is challenging. After high school, you and your soul mate will head off to college, get jobs, and your perceptions of the world will change. Here are some tips on surviving those changes.

Step 1

Talk about everything. While you should not be constantly calling the person you are dating, you want to be open and honest with them about your life. Talk to them about your worries and fears, or just talk about what happened during your day. FreeDatingAdviceForGuys recommends reserving an hour each day to see each other in person, or at the very least, speak on the phone. As RedBook observes, your sweetheart should be more than just a lover; they should be your best friend. Naturally, you will argue and fight. Fighting can actually make the relationship stronger if it is done constructively; respect your partner's perspective, and avoid throwing tantrums or insults.

Step 2

Don't cheat. That may seem obvious, but there will be temptations that will threaten your relationship. If you or your partner have any doubts, those temptations could wind up leading to the end of your relationship. Trust is the key to true intimacy, according to RedBook. Communication leads to trust, and can add more security to the relationship.

Step 3

Keep time for yourself. Don't smother the love of your life. While you love spending time with your sweetheart, you don't always have to be together. It is good to spend time with your own friends and do things on your own. You will have your own goals you will want to accomplish in life, and your own career. Neither one of you should be dependent upon the another.

Step 4

Build dreams together. Dreaming together can help make a relationship stronger, according to RedBook. Mapping out the future can give you somewhat of a guide to see where your significant other is coming from in life. In addition, it can improve intimacy, trust and communication. You will both face major challenges in your life, but by keeping your dreams in focus, you can build a life toward a strong marriage.