How to Stop Verbal Abuse in Marriage

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Verbal abuse happens in some relationships. It can gradually worsen, and the victim may not realize he is being abused. But verbal abuse is an emotional abuse and includes name-calling and threats. A person may even yell at you. According to the website, emotional abuse can lead to depression and anxiety. It can be difficult if you are in a marriage in which verbal abuse is happening. You may blame yourself for the abuse. But it is not your fault. There are things you can do to stop verbal abuse in your marriage.

Step 1

Let the abuser vent his frustrations. Do not attempt to argue with him. The hope is that he will stop yelling, and the abuse will not escalate into physical violence.

Step 2

Speak calmly to the other person. Never yell back or encourage her to blow up. Tell her you don't appreciate being spoken to in that manner.

Step 3

Suggest a time out. Tell him you both need to walk away and allow yourselves to cool down, so you can both deal with the situation at a later time.

Step 4

Seek counseling. Counseling can help you to deal with the relationship issues. Suggest counseling to your partner as well. Explain that you want to work on the marriage.

Step 5

Call a domestic violence hotline. You may learn tips and ways of dealing with the abuse. The hotline may be able to provide you with other helpful resources.

Step 6

Leave the relationship if the verbal abuse doesn't stop. Do not allow the person to continue to berate you. You may have to walk away. This will hurt, but may be the only way to stop the abuse.