How to Approach the Scorpio Male About Cheating

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Suspecting that your boyfriend or spouse is cheating is a horrible situation to be in. Men who were born under the astrological sign of Scorpio are said to be intensely emotional and sexually-driven individuals. While they are considered loyal, this supposed predisposition can get them into to situations detrimental to your relationship. If he is cheating, you'll need to find out and here are a few tips on approaching him.

Step 1

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Talk to him in a neutral area outside of your home. Do not allow yourself to be in a place were either of you feel cornered or unable to express your side of the situation. A park may be a good neutral location but try to stay away from isolated parks where your emotions and reactions may not be tempered by the occasional passerby.

Step 2

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Talk in terms that are not accusatory. Never start the conversation with, "Are you cheating?" This may cause the Scorpio man to become angry and withdraw from being open to the conversation. Instead, start the conversation with something less confrontational like, "I have noticed that some things are different between us."

Step 3

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Understand that the Scorpio man typically has a great deal of intense emotions and his sexuality may be something that he feels he has little control over. Be prepared to listen and withhold judgment in the case that he says that his cheating behavior had something to do with you not fulfilling his needs. This does not mean you are letting him off the hook.

Step 4

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Demand respect by not accepting full responsibility for his cheating. If you are both committed to a monogamous relationship, let him know that his behavior was not acceptable. It is still very important that you remain calm and speak in nonconfrontational terms. It is always best to state your position rather than telling him what he should or should not have done. For example state, "I have not been happy with the way our relationship has been going," rather than "If you had told me that you were unhappy then I would have..."

Step 5

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Decide if the relationship is worth saving. The first step for this understanding is if you both can agree with the core reasons why he has cheated. Are you both willing to forgive this indiscretion? Are you both willing to work towards healing the relationship? Are you both willing to stay in the relationship with an eye on never allowing this to happen again? Can you both agree with what that may take for each of you?