How to Avoid a Family Gathering

How to Avoid a Family Gathering. There are too many reasons a person may want to avoid a family gathering. You may want to dodge questions about your significant other, or maybe you don't want to deal with your uncle's obnoxious jokes for an entire afternoon. Whatever your reason is, there are several good excuses that will help you successfully avoid a family gathering.

Step 1

Work the weekend of your family gathering. Someone genuinely interested in avoiding a gathering will welcome the thought of sitting in front of a computer instead of dealing with their family.

Step 2

Plan a day trip to visit your out-of-town aunt or your uncle in the nursing home. You avoid the family gathering, and everyone thinks you're a saint.

Step 3

Call some old friends that you haven't seen for a while and get together for a legitimate reunion. Your mother may need proof that you and your long-lost buddies were actually busy that day, so take pictures.

Step 4

Volunteer for a charitable organization. Even your worst critics won't be able to say anything bad about you missing your family gathering if you are busy feeding the homeless.

Step 5

Schedule your car for maintenance that day, and arrive early for your family gathering. Showing up will appease uptight family members, but you have a real excuse to leave before the people you are trying to avoid show up.