How to Approach a Guy You Like But Don't Know at School

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Meeting a new guy is a pleasant adventure, especially if he has already sparked your interest. The idea of approaching him might be a bit intimidating if you haven't introduced yourself to someone new before, but with a little confidence, gaining a new boyfriend can be just a few steps away.

Step 1

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Smile: it's the best way to say "hello" if you haven't met yet. This can be done from across the room or while passing someone on a sidewalk or in the school hallway. Letting him see that you are friendly opens the door for a meeting.

Step 2

Say "hello" at your first opportunity. Spark his interest in who you are. He'll notice that you are making a friendly effort towards him..

Step 3

Seek knowledge about him, if possible, to have a foundation for a conversation. Is he in a school club? Does he attend school functions? What classes he takes, for example, could lead to a deeper conversation.

Step 4

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Strike up a casual conversation when you both have time to talk briefly. Use the information you have gathered to ask him a question. Be confident, cool, calm and steady. Smile often and listen attentively.

Step 5

Tell him your name and ask his. Say you hope to see him again sometime. Pursue further conversations with him and let the acquaintance evolve into friendship, or perhaps more.

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