How to Flirt With a High School Girl

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Flirting in high school is all part of growing up; and while it may feel serious at the time, the attraction usually fizzles out. Teen relationships are usually short because it is instinctive for young adults to seek different experiences, says a July 2010 KidsHealth article. Whether you want a relationship or you just want to let a girl know she is attractive, your success hinges on your flirting technique.

Step 1

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Talk to her, take the time to find out what hobbies and interests she has and if you share any common ground. Ask her what her favorite subjects are and if she takes part in any after-school activities. The fact that you want to know about her interests will make her feel special.

Step 2

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Listen to her when she is talking to you. It is important that you do not interrupt her, as it is not only rude, but it will also give the impression that she is boring you. Hold eye contact when she is talking, and let her know you are listening and interested in what she has to say.

Step 3

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Take the time to compliment her. Keep it subtle; you do not want to go overboard and give her the impression you are being false. Instead, let her know you are interested enough to notice things about her. For example, tell her the sweater she wore yesterday really suited her, or that the scarf she is wearing today is your favorite color. She will find it flattering that you noticed these small things. Girls enjoy the thrill of a boy chasing them as opposed to doing the chasing themselves, because this keeps boys interested, according to a 2003 Washington Post article.

Step 4

Show her you like her by using body language. For instance, when you are talking to her, make sure your body is facing hers. Lean in slightly when she is talking to you, and every so often, touch her arm or shoulder as you answer her. Watch her body language too. If she mirrors what you are doing, than this is a sign she is enjoying the attention.

Step 5

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Be funny. Most girls like to laugh and appreciate a boy with a sense of humor. Keep the conversation lighthearted and positive, so she gets the impression you are a fun person to get to know. Avoid any heavy conversation, such as bearing your deepest, darkest secrets.

Step 6

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Stick to being yourself; do not pretend to be something or someone you are not. If you exaggerate the truth now, you are heading for embarrassment when the truth comes out. You want her to like you for the person you are, so have the confidence to be yourself.