How to Make a Guy Your Best Friend

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You see it in movies and on TV all of the time; the best pal a gal could have is a guy. But not many women know how to make a guy your best friend. It's really not hard to work your way into the part of a man's heart that is reserved for his best bud. A little extra effort on your part will have him seeing you as his number one sidekick, or at least his number one gal friend. You never know, it may just turn out like it usually does in those chick flicks and he'll end up being the one that's right in front of your face.

Step 1

Find out his interests. Observe him closely the next time that you are out together and tune into what he likes and dislikes. After you get an idea, do some research on his hobbies and learn as much as you can about them. This way, you'll have plenty to talk about. A man doesn't necessarily want his gal pal to suit up and play tackle football but you'll score extra brownie points if you know what the flags mean next time you watch the big game. Once you find out what he likes, grab some men's magazines on the subject the next time your buying yours.

Step 2

Dress cute around him. This may seem counterproductive but you have to think about how a man's mind works. Many girls miss the mark by dressing sloppy trying be "one of the boys." Obviously you can't dress sexy at first, because his thoughts will go way beyond what you want at the moment. If you dress too down though, like in ratty sweats and a stained T-shirt, the man may not want to hang out with you at all. No matter what, you are female and you should dress accordingly. If you stick to somewhere in the middle, like jeans and a cute T-shirt that's attractive without giving him too many ideas, he's more likely to want to see more of you and be seen with you.

Step 3

Talk like a guy. Do not cut yourself down or any other women down in front of him. When you do it to yourself, he'll get the picture of a girlfriend asking "Do I look fat in this?" If you are catty about another woman that is around, he'll have that same girlfriend image in his head of you being jealous. To truly be successful about how to make a guy your best friend; you need to find physical attributes that you admire about other women when you're hanging out together.

Step 4

Nurture him. Believe it or not, one of the reasons that guys pick girls to be their best friends is because of their softer side. A man likes to vent too and sometimes it is just harder to share his emotions with his male buddies. He might want a female's perspective on certain situations sometimes, without the risk of feeling like he's embarrassing himself in front of a romantic girlfriend.

Step 5

Keep his secrets. If he does embarrass himself in front of you or tells you something really juicy, keep it to yourself. Do not share it with anyone, including your closest girl friend. The greatest trick about learning how to make a guy your best friend is to show him that he can be himself around you without reprimand or consequence.