Ways to Make a Scorpio Man Fall in Love

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Ever wish you had a man who's as sensitive and feels as deeply as a woman? You'll have it in a Scorpio man. You may have heard all the rumors about Scorpios loving sex, and they do. But for Scorpios, sex isn't just sex; it's not just a physical experience. Scorpio is the sign of deep, intense, and soul-stirring connections, be they sexual, intellectual or spiritual. Scorpions have a sincere, penetrating quality, so to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you, you simply need to channel his intense energy properly.

Compliment Him

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Because the Scorpio man is so sensitive, be ever so careful that you don't hurt his feelings or his ego, because he's likely to hold a grudge and he may not even tell you about it because of his secretive nature. Don't criticize his manner of dress, his personality or anything else you may have a problem with, but if you like something he does, compliment him as much and as profusely as possible. You may think it's too much, but Scorpio men love to be flattered, and they like to keep people around who flatter them. Treat him like he's unlike anyone else you've ever met.

Show Your Trustworthiness

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Scorpio men don't take betrayal very well. Scorpios are so sensitive that if a woman breaks their heart, they remember it for the rest of their life. It can be hard for a Scorpio man to open up. If you're attracted to a Scorpio, know that you've got someone who will be attentive to your emotional and sexual needs; you just have to demonstrate to him that his love will be in good hands and that you won't cheat on him or betray his trust. Often this just takes time and patience on your part.

Always do what you say you're going to do, don't ever lie, even about small things, and display your interest in only him when you are in public and around other men. Your Scorpio man just wants to know that you love him for who he is and that you won't leave just because you think something better has come along. Show him that you're willing to earn his trust. And also be aware that if you ever cheat, you've probably lost him for good.

Don't Try to Control Him

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Scorpio men don't compromise well. While you don't want to be a complete "yes woman"--that would be boring and you do want to show him you have a brain-- accept that you have to make it appear that he is making all the decisions in the relationship and that he is the one in control. Once it has been established in the relationship that he is the leader, you'll have a little more leeway.

He really does care about what you think, just don't try to take power in an aggressive way. When you try to be aggressive, he'll only fight you more, but if you're more feminine and try to passively maneuver to get what you want, you'll be more successful. And, ultimately, you'll get what you want.