How to Be Nicer to Your Husband

Joe Madeira/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Marriage is always a work in progress from both sides. A lot of work is put in to maintain and enhance a marriage. Showing gratitude and being nice to a loved one is natural. To take it to the next level and become even nicer to your husband will require protecting his dignity and place in the marriage, easing him into changes while sharing his hobbies and appreciating his effort rather than his performance.

Show interest in his job and work around the house; men take great pride in things that they are good at. Avoid making comments about his flaws in public or in front of friends and family. Ask for his help when you struggle to get a task done around the house -- a man's pride will be hurt if you turn to others for help before him.

Let him know when he is doing a good job because a man needs feedback to feel proud about his role in the marriage. Communicate with him about what you want to do. Ask for his opinion about things around the house more often. Wear things that he buys you.

Ease him in when changes have to be made; a man will change and respond to a relationship timeline in a slower manner than most women. Understand that it will take patience and communication skills to achieve changes in a marriage. Tell him how much it means to you to see him try and adapt to changes.

Respect his hobbies, as silly and time-wasting as they might seem to you. Show some interest in what he likes. For example, if he likes sports, ask him about who is winning and who his favorite team is and why. Watch one of your husband's favorite TV shows with him. Go and watch him playing a sport outside or working on a hobby.

Appreciate his efforts rather than his performance. Thank him for trying his best when a task is not fully completed. Learn to accept how hard he tries, not how well he does things. A man will respond to a positive attitude. Make him feel that his best effort is all what you want.