How to Express Admiration for a Man

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Expressing admiration for a man is all about showing respect for a man and his opinions. Women have the drive to feel loved, but men have the drive to feel respected. The way to show love and appreciation for a man is to show him that he is respected and is special. If you feel deep admiration for a man, you should concentrate on how to make him feel like you respect him above all others. Whether it is his opinions, his decisions or his skill at darts, respect is a sure way to express how you feel.

Ask a man for his advice. Whether it is an important purchase or the dinner menu, men want to know that you respect their opinions. If you respect a man, one way to show it is to get his opinion on things. Make him a part of your decision making process.

Show appreciation for your man in little ways. Remember what his favorite meal is and surprise him with it. Offer to give him a back rub. Find small ways to make him feel special. Even if it is something as simple as remembering his preferences, showing him that you care goes a long way.

Express his good qualities and his achievements to your friends, his friends and anyone who will listen. Admiration and respect can be expressed by showing how proud you are of your man's achievements. Tell everyone how great he is and it will make him feel special.

Express an interest in his work and try to understand what he does. Many men define themselves by their jobs, and it is in this area that you can show your appreciation of his skills the best. Learn what he does, the struggles he faces and how he overcomes them. Not only will he appreciate you listening, it will give you more to admire about him.

Let the little things slide. Yes, he leaves the toilet seat up. Yes, you've told him about it, but sometimes those things don't matter in the grand scheme of things. If he is doing a great job in everything else, let him have his mental lapses. Chances are he is not doing them maliciously. Even if it is just for a day, let him slide on the things he does that annoy you.

Express your admiration verbally and non-verbally. Say what you find admirable about your man and mean it. Don't make something up just to make him feel good. Sincerely compliment your man and tell him how much you respect him for what he does.

Learn your man's personal goals and support him in achieving them. Find out what your man wants to accomplish with his life and help him towards those goals. This shows you admire him because it shows you respect the fact that he has goals in his life.

Send him a card, gift or some other surprise just for the fun of it. He will not even see it coming, and that is what makes it special. Love, respect and admiration are all about making someone feel like they are special to you. The thought that goes into even a small gesture like a card goes a long way towards expressing your feelings towards your man.