First Date Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Yvonne Van Damme ; Updated September 28, 2017

Give a thoughtful anniversary gift.

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The anniversary of your first date is a day to celebrate. Even if you have been married for years, dating anniversaries can be just as special as wedding anniversaries. Celebrating your first date will often include exchanging gifts. Look for a thoughtful first date anniversary gift. Get creative and choose something your significant other will enjoy.


Give her a special personalized flask to commemorate your first date. Though not necessarily a romantic gift, it can be whimsical and even comical. Obviously, only give her a flask if she actually drinks alcohol. Have the flask personalized with your names and the month, day and year of your first date.

Digital Photo Frame

Give the gift of technology with a digital photo frame. You have few different options for the frame: Most have revolving pictures, or you can keep it at one picture and change it up every so often. Before giving this first-date anniversary gift, load it up with pictures of you two together.


Jewelry is a special way to commemorate the anniversary of your first date. For a man, a personalized watch is special and thoughtful, and jewelry makes a nice gift for a woman as well. Another option for a woman is a locket with a picture of you two in it.


If your beloved is a wine connoisseur, give him a wine rack with a contemporary design. Look for one that matches his furniture; you can find all different sizes. Purchase one that matches the amount of space he has. Add accessories such as wine charms.

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