Ideas for Silver Anniversary Gifts

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The 25th wedding anniversary is a major milestone event for most couples. The 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary. Silver is both the traditional and modern gift for this anniversary. Celebrate this anniversary at a big party with friends and family, elect to hold a private celebration with just your spouse. Either way, choose a gift will show your spouse how much you still love and appreciate her.

Silver Gifts For Her

If you wish to give a traditional gift to your wife, then buy her a silver bracelet, earrings, or a silver ring. If you select to give her a ring or a bracelet, include an engraving with your gift. Alternatively, choose to give your spouse silver candlesticks or a silver serving tray. Another option is to place a photograph from your wedding in a silver frame and give her the framed photo as a present.

Silver Gifts For Him

Give your husband a pair of silver cuff links as a traditional gift. Give him a silver watch (or pocket watch), and include a romantic engraving on the watch. If your spouse plan to renew your wedding vows on your 25th anniversary, during the ceremony, present your husband with a new silver anniversary band.

Silver Screen Gifts

If your partner is a movie-lover, take your spouse out for a night at the silver screen. Buy him tickets to a show he's been interested in seeing, and enjoy a fun date night. Or, if you've been planning for this anniversary and you have a large budget, surprise your partner with a trip to Hollywood. During your trip, schedule time to tour the studio lots so that you can get an up-close look at the magic of movies and the silver screen.

Romantic Gifts

Instead of focusing on a silver gift, give your spouse a romantic present to show your affection. Send your wife 25 roses and include a note that lists 25 reasons why you still love her. If your husband is a wine-lover, splurge and buy him 25 bottles of his favorite wine.

Prepare a scrapbook that includes photos and mementos from the last 25 years. Present the completed book to your spouse, and also give her a scrapbook that is empty. Tell her that you will fill the new scrapbook with memories over the next 25 years.